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Dunfermline Athletic 1-4 Hibernian + Away Kit 04/05 First Showing

What an excellent game it was yesterday. If you weren't in Dunfermline supporting the Hibees, you missed out. The first hour was dreadful, to be honest, but 4 goals in the last half an hour isn't to be sniffed at. I'm still on a high from it all! The atmosphere was electric, I'm pretty sure that the Hibs fans almost outnumbered the Dunfermline fans. After the 2nd goal went in, we were certainly louder, too. Getting a wave on demand from Mr Mowbray was a highlight and then one from Mark Venus, too. All the fans who travelled made a real effort and lifted the team. After Fletcher and McCluskey came on, it made all the difference.

On another note, the new Dunfermline pitch seems better than the last one and there is some outside the ground that you can have a look at. It's not as good as grass, obviously, but it's quite soft and there were some sliding tackles going in today, which is more than I can say for the old pitch. It must be strange to play on, though.

And then there was the new away kit announcement. I like it. Click the cut below to see a picture.

“C’est tres bon. It’s is very cool” - Ooh, Boozy, you're full of funny French quips, eh?!

I quite like it, it is out in May. Click here to get all the details.

Let's hope we can get back on track for that European place. We're 3rd again, but only by one point and in recent weeks our goal difference has taken a hammering. C'mon the Hibees!!
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