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Dundee Utd 1-0 Hibs

Match Report.

What a waste of £19! We played well the second half but couldn't find the net. Oh well. Bring on Celtic next week!
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What with the erratic nature of the SPL/Hibs last 3 games, I reckon we might beat Celtic (yes, that's all the evidence I have to back that statement up).
The SPL is crazy this year. Celtic and Rangers are both pretty dire, but Rangers especially. I mean, Killie are above them and they're lying in 5th - that's some crazy stuff.

Hibs' form I would say is down to one thing: inexperience. The fact that we're a young team means that we lack composure when we get in front and also we find it hard to convert chances, in my opinion. The Falkirk game should have been dead and buried by half time, but we lost. And the Rangers game should have been over after the first 30 mins but after half time we let them back in!

And then yesterday we couldn't play to save ourselves. I think the players need to settle down and view every game as a massive one. Until we do that we'll keep losing to ICT, Dundee Utd, Falkirk, Dunfermline, etc because they don't have the same mentality as in big games. Everyone is so young that I think they get mentally tired with it all by the end of a game - the fans' expectations are so much more after last season and with Rangers doing so badly!

That was a long reply to your short comment, but there ya go :p
A long, but informed, in-depth, intellectual response, compared to the usual fodder than what the tabloid-reader masses produce ("we was robbed").

Yeah, I agree that we are young and inexperienced, I feel that given that we have done quite well to be where we are. I would like to say that this is a foundation to lay upon, but with the obvious threats of bigger clubs (as much as I hate that terminology, there are tons of clubs with more money than Hibs) that's difficult to view. I mean, Riordan nearly went to Cardiff. I can't honestly view them as a bigger club, but it appears they could potentially have offered him more. Still...he knew where his loyalties lied (for now anyway).
heh, if the tabloids even mention Hibs, that is! :p

Well, it's true that we don't have a lot of money, but we should have enough money to keep Riordan at the club. His ego is a little too big, I think. The trouble is that we should not (and can't!) break the wage structure for any player, no matter who he is. Riordan won't sign a new contract, and Cardiff and the like can probably offer him £1000+ a week which is a lot more than he'll be on at the moment.

The main concensus in the Hibs community is that it's his agent's doing. I see it as Riordan waiting until he's banged another 20 goals in in a season for Hibs to prove himself as a 20 goal a season striker three seasons on the bounce, therefore getting a bigger contract for whatever club he moves to. It's just a shame that his contract is up in October and not in an extra year's time.